• Janne-Mari Fredly
    Editor & Project leader

    MA in Architecture, with focus in Art and Architecture. Janne-Mari is the Project leder and the creator of Alter Ego. Her main interest is to disseminate the tension between art and architecture.

  • Sidsel Søgaard Spas
    Writer & Editor of Opinion and Debate

    MA in Communication & Experience Design. Sidsel works in the cross field between art, culture and design. Her passion is the communication of great experiences, not limited to object, media or space, and to make people talk.

  • Kasper Old Jensen

    Stud.cand.arch in Architecture. Kasper will meet his editorial responsibilities of the architecture and design section, with a modern take on everything from detail and craftsmanship to perception and poetry.

  • Christian Lindharth
    Writer & Director of PR and Strategy

    Writer, lover of many things and a sucker for printed magazines. He graduated as communicator from the Danish School of Media and Journalism, now shaping brands visually and in words is his pitchfork. Also he believes in a future where printed magazines exist in symbiosis with online technology.

  • Thomas Stabell
    Layout & Editor of Web

    Master Student in architecture with focus on Transformation and Architectural Heritage at Aarhus School of Architecture. Passionate about graphic design, typography and photography.

  • Feileacán McCormick
    Writer & Editor of Web

    Oslo based architect & jack-of-all-trades. Passionate about the frictional, uncanny borderlands between culture & ecology.

  • Mathias Skafte Andersen

    BA of Art in Architecture. Mathias has a special interest in the passage of time; the aesthetics of which he works eagerly to record and document through the lens of his camera.

  • Josefin Nyrren

    Artist (currently applying to art academies). Jos works with themes such as awkwardness, what is considered normal/not normal when it comes to social behaviour and the ever-discussed theme of “context”.

  • Eleonora Fassina
    Editor & Writer

    From Milan, with a MA in Architecture. Her focus is on interiors, from the favelas of Sao Paulo to high end projects in London.  She enjoys crossing boundaries between art and architecture through her long time collaboration with artists.

  • Eva Mailund Jensen
    Editor & Writer

    MA in Modern Culture/Urbanity & Aesthetics. Eva likes to just talk to people and look at ‘stuff’ wherever she goes. People’s everyday experience (of space), materiality and their various ways of living herewith is on the front of her interest. And then literature…always literature.

  • Laia Puigdollers Lorés
    Photographer and Writer

    From Barcelona, graduated in Interior Design & Fine Arts. Laia works with architecture, art and design, but is also a passionate traveler. She has an eye for details, and her curiosity is brought to life as she explores the different cultures. At the moment, she is exploring Copenhagen’s life. Her hobbies goes hand in hand with her work, both which she is very enthusiastic about it. She is known for working with the five senses, and currently is working on her own photo project.

  • Catrine Zorn
    Photographer and Video Editor

    BA i Photographic Communications from the Danish School of Media & Journalism. Catrine works with photography and video with a particular interest in capturing and distilling emotions in images that resonate with the viewer. Her aesthetic focus is practiced mainly in fashion and theater photography, with an eclectic bundle of interests on the side, such as architecture, sustainable design practices, psychology and Japanese culture.

  • Philine Kriependorf